The DOL Doctors & OWCP Experts at WorkMed

The DOL doctors and OWCP experts at WorkMed provide top-notch injury care and claims assistance to injured federal workers in DFW.

Knowledgeable OWCP Case Workers

Patients love WorkMed because they have the most knowledgable OWCP case workers in the nation.  With experience and expertise, they skillfully and successfully navigate the OWCP claims process and are confident in getting all legitimate injury claims accepted by the Department of Labor, even previously denied cases. Who do other case managers across the country call when they get stuck? They call the foremost OWCP experts at WorkMed.

Treating Injured Federal Workers Like Family

And the OWCP experts at WorkMed are warm and welcoming and treat injured federal workers like family by making their best interest a priority. WorkMed doesn’t yield to the pressures of the employer who wish to cut corners, rush rehab, and return patients back to work prematurely.  At WorkMed, injured federal workers feel heard, cared for, appreciated, and loved.

Billing All Services to the US Department of Labor

WorkMed never bills the patient. All services, including consultation, medical exam, imaging, therapy, orthopedics, and pain management, are billed to the United States Department of Labor in compliance with the Office of Workers Compensation Program. This means patients never pay anything out-of-pocket.

You Have the Right to Choose Your Treating Doctor

If you’ve been injured working for the federal government, the Federal Employees Compensation Act gives you the right to choose your DOL  doctor! Choose WorkMed, where you’ll receive free, expert, OWCP claims assistance and excellent care by the best DOL doctors in the country. Call or go to WorkMed’s website to book your free consultation today! WorkMed’s friendly team of OWCP experts are ready to serve you.