Dallas Federal Workers Compensation Doctors

We are experienced Federal Workers’ Compensation Doctors who have helped hundred of postal workers, VA employees, TSA workers, and employees of several other government agencies recover from their work injury in DFW.




    Our DOL doctors and highly trained staff are extremely knowledgeable about the DOL-OWCP injury claims process and offer their expert claims assistance absolutely free! This means that you do not have to pay a case manager thousands of dollars to help you properly file your claim!!!

    NOTE: If you have been injured while working for the federal government you should qualify for federal workers compensation from the United States Department of Labor Office of Workers Compensation Program or DOL-OWCP. According to the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA), injured federal employees are entitled to wage compensation benefits and coverage of medical care for the work-related injury.

    Federal Workers Compensation Experts:

    • Letters of Medical Necessity
    • Impairment Ratings Based on the 6th edition AMA Guides
    • Excellent injury care for traumatic injury, occupational disease, consquential injury, idiopathic fall, and recurring injury claims
    • We provide quality evaluations

    • We can help you if you need an upgrade of medical conditions

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    Free DOL-OWCP Case Management For Injured Workers

    In addition to free, expert claims management, all of the injured federal employee patients that participate in our work injury care and therapy programs are given complete access to all medical diagnostics and comprehensive treatment. The federal workers compensation doctors at Work-Med are experienced in the following:

    • Acute and Chronic Pain Management

    • Trigger Point and Aponeuroiss Injections

    • Joint Injections

    • Spinal Injection Treatments

    • Physical Therapy

    • Diagnostic X-Ray

    • NCVs and EMGs

    The workers compensation doctors at Work-Med are also experienced in Texas Workers Compensation for non-federal employees. For more info please call 214-838-1011. All federal employees injured on the job including (but not limited to) postal workers, IRS, Forest Service workers, TSA, and FBI agents who participate in our work-related injury programs are also given full access to diagnostic and treatment through our clinic.



    We provide free consultations so that you can meet with an experienced Federal Workers Compensation (DOL-OWCP) doctor, review your injury, and set up your medical evaluation and treatment plan.


    We work for you, not the federal government. We’ll make sure you receive the comprehensive injury care and compensation benefits you deserve. We won’t bow to the pressures of your supervisor or employer.


    Our DOL-OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation experts provide complimentary case reviews, claims assistance, and case management to help you ensure that your claims and documentation is filed correctly.

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